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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 27, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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is doing a crummy job. that's a 42% increase over the last 10 years. so should everyone in washington get a pink slip? former alaska governor sarah palin is here tonight. good evening, governor. >> hi, greta. how are you? >> greta: very well. before we get to this poll, i'm curious about this. for about the umpteenth team it appears that governor chris christie is not running for the president of the united states. even his brother was quoted today saying if he's lying to me about running aid b i'd be stun. he says the governor is not running. your thoughts on that? >> i think that we can take governor christie at his word and say -- you know, he's been saying for a year now, his first year in office, he was not interested in the presidency. i think he kind of put the nail in the coffin of speculation that he would run by the announcement that he made today. >> greta: it's sort of interesting, always the people who are not in the race -- i guess not always, but sometimes they get a lot of encouragement from others, a lot of glowing
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reports, and he's certainly been pushed by many republicans. >> many republicans, but also many in the media, because for many in the media this is like a reality show. i think "newsweek," an article that came out the other day, really nailed it when they said that media outlets create this reality show, this intrigue, who's the next flavor of the week, and they prop somebody up in order to crush the person it seems later on, but i think that a lot of the push for chris christie, and for others, comes not just from those within the party, but those inside baseball, within the media. >> greta: you raise an interesting issue. the question is sort of how should we cover these races and the speculation? how much is too much? how do we know when we're not pitting one against the other, how to develop the issues. even the debates sometimes look like we've put them up on -- almost a game of, a contest. >> right. >> greta: we need to get the information for the voters.
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how should we do this? >> we do. the challenge is in this very quickly changing news cycle world that we are in, you know, there's a lot of information out there, there's a lot of white noise out there, and the viewers and readers, then, really have to be the filter themselves, trying to find out what's the important information out there. i am a proponent though of the media providing as much coverage of candidates in order to vet candidates as possible. we learned our lesson in electing barack obama who was not vetted by the media. the media did not do its job i believe the last go-round. learned a lesson. now we're embracing of as much information and vetting of every candidate as possible, but again i do believe there's a lot of entertainment value and ratings value involved in this quasi reality show that is being created through the gop primary at this point. it's quite fascinating. it's interesting. a lot of viewers, a lot of readers we, don't have time to, you know, sit in front of the tv
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24 hours a day and try to get all the most important information, so, you know, we're filtering it ourselves, taking what's important to us, and making decisions based on that. >> greta: all right. let me turn to this poll that i just read a second ago. 81% say the federal government is doing a crummy job. now, that's up 42% over the last 10 years. now, that's sort of an equal opportunity. i don't think it's saying the democrats or the republicans. i think it's saying it's everybody in government. how do we turn that around? >> well, first, i think 81% of americans are realizing that we have politicians who are spending our money recklessly, and we've said enough is enough. yeah, there need to be pink slips for those politicians so disconnected what's going on in the real world. what's going on in the real world, outside the political beltway, the heartland of america, we're having a hard time finding jobs, keeping jobs, believing our economy is going
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to be solvent and we won't be a country on a road toward bankruptcy, and this disconnect that we're seeing made manifest in our politicians in washington, d.c. where they're incurring more debt, and they're creating more regulations, which killed more jobs, and they're just engaging in these nonsensical policies like obama's new jobs bill, quote, unquote, jobs bills, he's proposing. we're seeing this disconnect, and we're saying, you just don't get it, politicians. you really are absence from what's going on in the real world where we have to balance our budgets and we have to be productive in order to make it, make that bottom line. you know, we have to live within our means. you know, the elites in a far away place in institutions in washington, d.c., they're not living in the real world. >> greta: how does a politician, though, connect with the people and get it across so it doesn't sound more like, blah, blah, blah? we know these people for better, for worse, so well, that they're
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going to say, it's quite predictable. how does a politician actually connect with someone in the heartland, for instance? >> that's a great question. i think what helps is for that politician is to have a foundation having come from the real people of america, the working class, those who make up the majority of americans who are so extremely concerned about the direction of our country. take herman cain. he's doing so well right now. i guess you could say, with all due respect, the flavor of the week, because herman cain is the one up there who doesn't look like he's part of that permanent political cal. he came from a working class family. he's had to make it on his own all he's years. we respect that. that has an automatic connection with the electoral, we can relate to him, he knows the issues and problems we face every day and he's determined to do something about it. he's not elite. he doesn't seem to allow us to be disenchanted with what it is that he's proposing, because what he proposes in terms of
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solutions, greta, for our economy, a based on time-tested truths and common sense, and true economic principles that will work. herman cain is a good example of a connection with the voters, and why his message, good messenger, he's resonating with the people. >> greta: it's interesting about, you know, in watching the straw poll votes in florida that you were talking about, herman cain winning by -- he trounced basically governor perry and governor romney, the two supposed frontrunners, is that the media was so shocked, that they seemed so surprised. i'm sort of curious as to what extent, you know, the media doesn't really go out and talk to the american people. you know, i wonder if people -- if the people watching it from the heartland, if they were surprised that he won in florida. >> we are not surprised that he as a messenger of common-sense conservative pro u.s. constitution principles is doing well. many of the elites in the media
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were shocked. you know, i think it's kind of humorous to see the way that the media is covering these candidates. let me give you an example of this. earlier today, greta, on fox news, you had a host who said sarah palin in the polls, she's way, way down there in the polls. i'm kind of scratching my head, going, wait a minute, on another network, on cnn the other day, they showed a poll where i was, like, within five points of president obama. i was doing well, much better than many of the other candidates. i'm thinking, all this misinformation and contradictory information from even hosts on this network itself, it adds to, i guess, the disconnect even, not just the perm political class, but many in the media also, because sometimes they don't do their homework, and many times a host or reporter, they have their own agenda, and
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interject their agenda in the information they're providing their viewers and readers. so didn't price me or many of us that herman cain was doing well, but certainly surprised many in the media because sometimes they don't do their homework and perpetuate misinformation. >> greta: i did do the homework. you raised the topic, so it seems fair game. i have notes from a "new york times" article today. it says a recent poll has you trailing president obama i have by four points. for some reason my memory is five points. "the new york times" today says four points. i did a little homework. that brings up a fair issue. that's the question of it's also reported in the article that there's a lot of chatter that you're going to make a decision very soon, in fact even something went out to donors that you were on the verge of making a decision whether to run or not. what's the latest on that? >> well, i don't know what went out to voters that said that i'm on the verge of -- >> greta: donors. >> okay. for logistical reasons, yes,
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certainly decisions have to be made. i think that's why chris christie made his statements, or his brother at least made a statement for him today, because you have to get your ducks lined up in order to get your name on ballot. so decisions have to be made in an expedient manner. through my process of decision-making with my family, with my close friends as to whether i should throw my name in the hat for the gop nomination or not for 2012 is a title worth it? does a title shackle a person? are they someone like me, a maverick, i do call it like i see it, and i don't mind stirring it up in order to get people to think and debate aggressively, to find solutions for the problems our country is facing. somebody like me, is a title and a campaign too shackling? does that print me from -- prohibit me from being he me out there, out of the box, not
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allowing handlers to shape me and force my message to be what donors or contributors or what political pundits want it to be? does a title take away my freedom to call it like i see it and to affect positive change that we need in this country. that's the biggest contemplation piece in my process. >> greta: here's the thinking, though, there's no question that you can rattle the media. i read also in my homework today that there's a lot of speculation, because you haven't twittered, been on your facebook page in 10 days, that you're thinking of running. i suppose if you were on your facebook and twitter page, they'd say the same thing, because she's gearing up and -- either way, they'll talk and chat about you. you can create that effect. but the fact is, let's take a foreign policy situation like israel and our relationship to the predator netanyahu, you can't be on the sideline poking things and doing things and driving the media mad to create a change there, because the policy of the united states does
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matter, certainly on an international platform. >> okay. well, let's take an example of our relationship with israel, maybe my effecting of a positive or negative position that america would take in terms of supporting our number one ally in the world, israel. no, instead of just sitting back, throwing stones, writing on facebook, or twitter about what i think, you take action. i took action. i went over to israel. i had dinner with the prime minister and his family. we formed a good relationship there. i was able to express what i believe the majority of americans still in terms of our relationship with israel, in speaking with the prime minister, and i told him that we do support israel, and if he were to hear or perceive that our government is kind of poking our ally in the eye, well, don't believe that that is the voice of the majority of the american people. we are their friend. so that's an example, greta, of not just sitting back, rattling
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cages in the media, but actually doing something about an issue that needs to be addressed. >> greta: let me take it one step further. yes, you can have an evening, i agree, but let me use this as an example, if you are the president of the united states, or anybody, you can probably sit down with president mahmoud abbas, and prime minister netanyahu, maybe together, maybe in separate rooms, and there's a bigger platform being president than being sort of someone who is, you know, driving an issue or getting the debate. i'm not saying it's without value, i'm saying there's more power being president. >> yeah. there is also, though, the belief that i have had since i started in public office 20 years ago. you don't need a title to make a difference truly. in campaign mode so often a candidate, certainly this is where i was in the vp campaign, being molded, being shaped, greta, being caricatured by those around you which prohibits the freedom that one needs to
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really make a difference in influence and begin some aggressive debate that is needed. so yeah, you know, that's a debate right there itself, whether a title is needed to make a difference or someone can be rogue, can be maverick, can be passionate about issues and get people to think very wisely about the decisions and the candidates that we need in order to make good decisions for our country, which i guess the best place for that individual to be? >> greta: one quick. we i'm going to change topics. do you think you could win? >> i do. i wouldn't have gone this far in my thinking about whether to run or not had is not had the confidence to believe that americans are ready for someone out of the box, certainly outside of the permanent political class who wants to quash crony capitalism and say, no, empowerment of the individual, our families, our small businesses, someone who is a proponent of that, like me, could win. >> greta: all right. now change topics. in terms of the republican
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field, totally off you, but this question, how do you -- how does any candidate, whether it's a democratic candidate, president obama, or republican candidate, reach the independen? because from all the chatter, they're the ones that will make the next decision who's the next president. what's the actual reach without the sort of usual, blah, blah, that we always hear? how do you reach them? >> well, we have to remember that independents make up the majority of american voters. independents are busy living their lives, raising their families, running their businesses. they don't want to be bogged down with, say, the infighting within the republican party that's going on. instead of hearing the bickering within the republican party itself as they're all on stage beating up on each other, just playing into the liberals' handbook, their playbook, we have to focus for independents on what the problem is. the problem today is barack obama socialist-leaning failed policies that will bankrupt this
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country. independents want to know that republicans get it, that that republican candidate gets it. very basic, very simple, very common-sense time tested truths that can be applied toward solutions. independents are not going to get bogged down with that inside baseball stuff that goes on. they just want to know that we're sensible, that we understand economic principles, and that we know what works to get the economy roaring again. >> greta: i put up a poll, asked why people vote social or economic issues. overwhelming economic issues, because that's what people are worried about, so that's a predictable result. i'm curious, and i think it's going to be late miraculous, but if, for instance, president obama were to turn everything around, unemployment goes down, housing starts up, great stability in the dow, everything changed, we're in a total upward trend on all the economic indicators, would you support him? >> no, no. he has a track record of failure. he has a track record of
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actually believing that european-type socialist policies would work in the united states of america, which would create this atrophy of our foundation of free markets and free men. no. he has proven to me, and to so many other americans, that -- no, no matter what happens in the next 14 months, barac obama is not the one. he's not the savior of our country or our economy. absolutely not. i would not support him. >> greta: governor, thank you. nice to talk to you. >> thank you so much, greta. talk to you soon. >> greta: straight ahead, president obama was warned a year ago, and now taxpayers are on the hook for a $500-plus million loan to solin solyndra and workers are laid off. rick klein is here. and we now know the price of each job created by president obama's job plan. want to know how much? start guessing. we'll tell you.
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>> greta: did president obama miss the red flags? what was president obama told about solyndra and when? abc world news senior washington editor rick klein joins us. nice to see you, rick. >> hi, greta. >> greta: what was the president told about solyndra? how soon and what was he told? >> the latest we're learning is from the "los angeles times." they're reporting that top administration officials, including the treasury secretary and larry summers, a tom economic aide, were warning president obama last fall this was a big issue, that this whole loan program that had been structured by the obama administration, money going out to companies like solyndra, it was likely to lead to failures, a lot like what we just saw happen with solyndra. so we're hearing that the top levels of the obama white house oppressioned feeling that there were going to be problems, the white house picking winners and losers. >> greta: if they found out about it last fall, could it have been stopped so that we're not on the hook for over $530 million or so on a
10:22 pm
federallically-backed lone loans being the taxpayers? and did they take steps to minimize the damage to us? and three, are there others out there, we're getting ready to be slammed for more? >> mild changes to the program, but nothing that stopped the flow of money to solyndra. the concerns were generic, that we'll have lemons in the lot. indeed there were lemons. there's been communications from the congressional committee investigating this that shows people at the office of management and budget were saying, look, we think we have problems, particularly with this loan, problems around it, but the high-level concerns reaching the president didn't directly involve solyndra. solyndra was a company he used personally as a backdrop to sell this kind spending a central component of the stimulus of 2009. >> greta: de go out to solyndra, the vice president, out to warning? >> before the specific warning
10:23 pm
about the general problems regarding solyndra. but it was after lots of folks inside the administration were warning there are big problems here. so again, these were the concerns about the catchall program, which is billions of there were going to be problems where some companies were not going to have their investments pan out. this is essentially having the government play venture capitalist with energy companies. so of course venture capitalist wins some, lose some. in this case they lost one. >> a lot easier to play with someone else's money than yours. even though the president was told specifically about solyndra, i assume that anyone sitting in the room, if someone comes in and says we've got millions of dollars of -- we're learning now there's a problem with the process, that there may be problems, that he would have issued an order, what's the problem, get to the bottom of it, and report back me. was that done? do you know? >> it doesn't seem to have
10:24 pm
happened so far. there's multiple committees looking at this. there's a lot more information to come out about the political process. based on what we know this catchall program is still going on, $38 billion that's gone out. the program expires at the end of this week. republicans have been gunning for it for some time. it's different than a different government program where you apply for a subsidy or grant. the federal taxpayer was doing 3/4 funding. that's what the warnings were about. in solyndra, you had a high-profile of that money going down the tubes, part of bankruptcy proceedings, but hard for taxpayers to get the money back. >> greta: not only on the hook for $530 million, but and
10:25 pm
workers laid off. it's sort of hard to figure out what the argument is for continuing. i mean, how could the american people have an enormous amount of confidence in it if indeed that's what's transpired? any hints as to how worried the obama administration is about this, both politically and economically? >> they see this as a political problem certainly in the short term because of the way this has played out, with the donors that are involve, the white house contact. the bigger issue is that because this was such a key part of a key obama administration initiative, it really important portends for future extensions like this. it's going to be a much harder sell moving forward. again, what essentially the warnings were, we know there's going to be some bad apples in this lot. it's harder, though, to know exactly what those are. that's what the concern about the process was. >> we don't know a lot bad
10:26 pm
apples are, but have we got rid of the bad decision-makers? >> the fast consideration seems to be pressure going on from the west wing of the white house. ultimate lits the obama white house that signs off on this. it's different part of agencies, some of which have different agendas, and they're pushing them internally. ultimately, though, it is the obama white house, president obama, the person in charge of all of this. it is the obama administration that makes these decisions. >> greta: so the secretary of energy, ultimately responsible, he should since -- he should be -- he should submit maybe his resignation and move on, because this is a huge blunder. anyway, rick, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: coming up, how much do you think president obama wants to pay with your tax money to create each new job? here's the catch -- why does the obama administration think this is a bargain? plus, president obama may be getting a wake-up call. not the 3:00 a.m. one, but it's from two generals, and it may shake up a lot of people
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>> greta: $200,000, wh one harvard economist is the price tag for each new job created by president obama's jobs plan. it's you, the taxpayer, who will pay for it. sounds pretty expensive. so why is treasury secretary tim geithner calling it's a bargain? fox business network senior
10:31 pm
correspondent dennis neil is here. why is he saying that? >> it's an astounding thing to say. harvard is allies with obama and the liberals. they say $200,000. $450 billion package, 2.2 million jobs, add in the $800 billion in the stimulus that didn't create a single job. actually $750,000 per job. why is that this these will pay only $50,000 per person actually but cost $200,000? overhead, because government employees are union workers. unions represent 40% of the government workforce and a big part of federal workers, and federal workers are scraping off
10:32 pm
the biggest part of that $200,000 and putting it in the bureaucracy instead of giving it straight to people. you know, what they ought to do is give out debit cards and send them out in the mail and get rid of all the administration, greta. >> greta: you know, dennis, i mean it's astounding, $200,000 per job. another thing, you can play with numbers, this harvard economist, you know, who has done this mathematics, you know, they come up with this number, is the obama administration in any way challenging his numbers and saying that he's wrong or do they agree that his numbers are correct? >> you know, when you can't win on the numbers, you have to win on the interpretation. secretary geithner said you're looking at it the wrong way. he said something in an a.p. story that ran, or maybe somewhere else, and it's an astounding comment. i got to read this. he said, "if government does nothing, it does nothing now because they're scared by politics or they want to debate what's perfect. then there will be fewer workers
10:33 pm
back to work, the economy will be weaker." i want to submit to you that our big problem here is that government has been trying to do too much. they're doing too much, greta. if government did nothing right now we'd be vastly better off in creating jobs. remember the other thing, greta, we're taking $450 billion basically out of the private economy, because we'll have to borrow that money. they're saying spending cuts, but bull. we'll issue new bonds that takes half a trillion dollars out of the private economy that could go to fund startups, and instead it's going to pay for a piece of paper from the government promising to pay back with economy. taking money out of the private economy to give it back to jobs back in the private economy. there's something wrong here. >> greta: dennis, this is what i thought was curious, that secretary geithner was on with abc news, talk being the problems in europe, and he said -- this is in part a quote -- you know, how europe got into the problem they're in, he says "they borrowed a lot and spent too much and the governments got very big, benefits got very generous, and
10:34 pm
it will take them years and years an years in place the reforms to dig their way out of that." for some reason, i thought that extraordary, because it seemed like he was talking about us. >> this just in, mr. pot calls lady kettle black. i can't believe he had the nerve to say that. if you're going to say it, couldn't you say something like, look, we're making this mistake, too, we're trying to fix it. or we went through the big meltdown two years before, trying to take steps so we don't go threat again. i'd like to see more competence out of there. $200,000 for a job that pays $50, 000. a trillion dollars we spent helping the poor, but only 30% or 40% ends up in the hands of the poor, the rest goes to union government workers distributing the money. i think free debit cards are the answer, kiddo. >> greta: it's sort of distressing, they come out with seven certainty, this is true of
10:35 pm
every administration, but we find out there's uncertainty. like solyndra, that it's a great idea, and then we find out they're worried and concerned bit. if they were candid with us, where they're certain, where they're uncertain, but i think that's what's rattling a lot of the american people, i don't think people believe them anymore. >> you make a good point. look at chris christie, everyone wants him to run for office, the rotund and profound hero, because he keeps telling people obnoxious things they don't want to hear. he tells the unions, the pensions are too much, we got to cut them. he's one of the only politicians that will do that. maybe we're ready for more blunt messages, i don't want a fear mongerrer message, that we're up the creek. we shouldn't tell people that. >> greta: thanks, dennis. >> thanks a lot. >> greta: well, his confession to murder.
10:36 pm
joran van der sloot's video admission that he killed stephanie flores in his hotel room last year. it shows a cop asking him twice whether he killed the 21-year-old woman. the video shows him answering yes. he reportedly told police he started beating flores after she pulled up news about him on his computer. van der sloot also remains the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba. coming up, is washington in denial? maybe it was, but perhaps not now. a grossly disturbing report by two generals, one of those generals, major general bob next. and will secretary of state hillary clinton replace vice president joe biden on the ticket? what makes us ask that? yothe nascar nationwide series,
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a key victory for prosecutors in the upcoming trial of the so-called underwear bomb suspect he is accused of trying to blow up an international flight on christmas day in 2009. a detroit judge will allow jurors to see a model of the bomb and videos demonstrating its power. the alleged al qaeda terrorist, who's acting as his own attorney claims the demonstrations are unfair. jury selection begins next week. ahead of a critical fund-raising deadline on friday, only three of the republican presidential hopefuls have enough campaign cash. while mitt romney, rick perry and ron paul ha banked millions, the other g.o.p. candidates are struggling with only four months before the first primary. regardless of campaign riches, they are campaigning donors in georgia, texas, washington and
10:42 pm
elsewhere. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to greta. >> greta: it's war, right next door, in mexico. the obama administration doesn't seem to believe it, so maybe they will now, because two u.s. generals just released a report. major bob scales is one of those generals, and he joins us. gi, sir. >> hi, greta. >> greta: i said it's war. you've been down to the border, prepared the report. is it war or not? >> it's a war, greta. what we've seen over the last two years is a shift, to use a military term, the strategic content of the cartels to shift their border operations north of the mexican border, one county deep into texas for three reasons. first of all, to escape the increasing effectiveness of the mexican military. secondly, to establish transshipment points for drugs and illegal trafficking. third as a throughput to pushrc those drugs into 270 cities throughout the united states. so this is not just a texas
10:43 pm
problem, it's a national problem, because the cartels have a new strategy. >> greta: you fought in vietnam, done a lot on iraq and afghanistan. how is mexico, this war in mexico the same or different from afghanistan? >> for a couple reasons. over the last two years we've seen a shift in the leadership of the cartels away from mafia businessman, the people who want to make money on drugs, to increasing to these cartels being run increasingly by criminals, just nasty, evil men who kill for the sake of killing. that's different than it's been in the past. secondly, the level of violence is escalating, not just south of the border, but north of the border where hundreds of mexicans have been found abandoned in these border counties. the violence is escalating. there's shootouts along the rio grande. it's getting worse and worse every day, and will continue to get worse until we do something about it. >> greta: in reading your lengthy report that you did general mccaffrey, there's a
10:44 pm
copy of a letter dated march 16th, 2010, written from the president of university medical center of el paso to the president, basically talking about how even that hospital is receiving 150 survivors and the violence transported across the border, going to the medical center for trauma care. >> right. >> greta: it's even bleeding over that way. >> it absolutely is. it's not just in the cities along the border. it's in these border counties that are very thinly populated, where the cartels have established routes of egress into texas, and transshipment points and houses, ranchers and pharmaciefarmers are having thes violated, breaking into their homes, shooting at them. ranchers are selling their property. ranch hands are quitting out of fear, being threatened by the cartels. it's becoming increasingly out of hand. >> it's my impression that's united states isn't taking this seriously, maybe texas is, maybe arizona, but the united states is not taking as a country
10:45 pm
what's going on in mexico with the level of intense it i think it should. i know secretary of state hillary clinton described it as colombia 20 years ago and got rebuked by the president. am i exaggerating this? >> i don't think you are at all. i think most of the problem is we haven't done a good job of telling the rest of america how arizona and texas affects them directly. remember now, there are 18,000 cartel members operating in texas, but their -- >> greta: 18,000 cartel members operating in texas? >> a full army division of gang members, the foot soldiers for car -- >> greta: in texas? >> in texas, thousands more in american cities, all in this scheme to distribute drugs throughout the united states. this is not just a texas problem. this is a national problem. and we need to make the rest of the nation aware of it. >> greta: i guess i've always been intrigued by the fact that one of the worst cartels, ex-military, essentially the special forces that have gone rogue. >> it's very sad, and increasingly violent.
10:46 pm
two years ago this was a criminal enterprise that was done for profit. increasingly done it's sheer raw violence inflicted on the citizens of texas, and that's why they're worried. >> greta: i don't like to overstate it, but your description, the 18,000 in texas, the number of people around the city, that it doesn't differ that much in our mind, our thoughts and fears of al-qaeda originally, having cells around. i mean, this is not flying a plane into a building, or dirty bomb, but this is drugs, which are killing people, and there's violence associated with it. >> not only drugs, think of the transshipment, very dangerous people by the cartels across the border from places like pakistan, iran, iraq, sudan and ethiopia. they're coming across the border paid for by the cartels, many of them get across without being registered. this is an insidious problem that goes beyond drugs. it deals in human trafficking, the war on terrorism. on and on. this is an american, not just a
10:47 pm
texas problem. >> greta: unfortunately it will take some catastrophic to draw the attention. >> i do too. >> greta: general, nice to see you, sir. coming up, president obama, is he looking for a new running mate? hear why vice president joe biden is talking about the future of his own job. also, the next time you go out to buy a birthday card, keep an eye out for hallmark's latest creation. you will never believe what there's a card for now. will anyone buy the card? plus, 99 bottles of beer on the ground. what would you do with them? probably not what this guy is trying. this next segment is one you don't want to miss. .. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at ♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel? the debate is over. ♪
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>> greta: you've seen our top stories but here is the best of the rest. our leaders in washington not winning a popularity contest these days. now, even vice president biden isn't sure he wants to keep his job. here he is on abc's "the view". >> right off the bat. you will be the vice presidential candidate again next year? >> i haven't figured out how not to be. no. i -- the answer is yes. the answer is yes. >> when the president and i agreed that i'd be on the ticket he asked me, i agreed to be on the ticket. one thing i asked and he's kept this promise is that i'd be the last guy in the room. the last person in the room in
10:52 pm
every major decision. i can tell you without fear of contradiction that he has totally -- he seeks opinions from everyone. and in his inner circle and i am, i have a bad representation of being blunt. straight. i made clear to the president my views and on 85% of what he's asked for my opinion, we've agreed. i find a guy who -- look, i've been there eight presidents. only two i knew seemed totally prepared to listen to alternative view f you made the better case they'd say well, okay. i understand that. and he's one of the guys. >> now, unemployment no laughing matter but a line of greeting cards may lighten it for some. hall park selling wards to mark the occasion of losing your job. so would you send someone a
10:53 pm
layoff card? hall mark does say they're selling well. and germans known for making good beer but probably never meant it to be used this way. a german stunt man riding a unicycle over a line of beer bottles. looks like he broke a previous record, a distance of only 26 feet. but that needs to be confirmed by the guiness world records people this, one may be best video you've seen. a dog and monkey caught on camera just wrestling. the video shot in an animal sanctuary. no word on what brought the pair together but it looks like they'll be keeping each other company for a long time. okay, maybe we spoke too soon this, could be the best video you've ever seen. another wrestling match on camera. this futures two adorable bear cubs. some hikers spotted them near the middle of the road. the bears grabbed attention and stopped traffic. the mama bear up ahead
10:54 pm
probably waiting for cubs to quit playing around. there, you have it. best of the rest. coming up, last call, one more quick round before we turn down the lights, it's about everything lady gaga does turns heads, who what is up with her and president obama? that is next. @?ñ
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. president obama with the celebrities this week. take a look at how his meeting with lady gaga turned out. >> last night obama met lady gaga. apparently they hit it off. he wound up giving her a ride home. he lost her in the parking garage fortunately. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're
10:59 pm
closing down shop. we want to tell you about the greta wire alert system, breaking news whenever you are. i'll send you alerts so you can get on the record breaking news, fast, very fast and free. the sign up just go to the righthand side of greta wire under where you'll find the poll. all you need to do, enter your e mail address and you'll be on the alert system. you don't want to miss out on this new feature. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night when republican presidential candidate former utah governor john huntsman will go on the record. keep it right here on fox news channel. o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington. ..... >> all right. and we'll make sure that he is not from chicago (laughter) ♪ >> hel


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